Electrical Testing & Inspection

Our electrical testing and inspection service is great for both commercial customers and homeowners. These tests are perfect for the upkeep of a business or home, allowing you to continue operations in a safe environment, maintain the safety of your home, or perhaps aid with a property sale. You may have noticed a fault in your system and require us to test and repair this element, or you may need us to perform an inspection that encompasses the whole of your system to check its overall operation. Get in touch with us to book our electrical testing and inspection service today.

General Tests

If you are looking for a test that looks at the overall health of your system, then this is a great way to go. We can perform an overall health check and provide you documentation outlining its safety. We can also offer feedback on items that may be worth keeping an eye on for servicing or updating in the future. If you need an annual check to help you maintain the safety in your working establishment, let us know, we can produce physical and digital documents for your benefit.


Perhaps you have noticed a funny operation, or you have had a system or device fail. In these scenarios, we will pinpoint the underlying problem and remediate it quickly. Getting you back to normal operation in the least amount of time possible.

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