Fuse Board Installation

Do you require a fuse board installation? We can create the safest and most up-to-date system for your property, whether it is a large commercial premises, or a standard home. A fuse board ensures the efficient and safe running of the electrical systems in your building. Modern boards with residual current devices (RCD) will trip within 25-40 milliseconds. This is so fast that it stops the risk of electric shock to an individual near the appliance, as well as protect the electrical system itself. Further to this, up-to-date systems conform to all the latest developments and building regulations. This extends far beyond the components themselves and includes workmanship with respect to many elements of our specific trade and construction in general. This will help you adhere to best practice in your place of business or personal home. Get in touch for more information.

Updating Your Old Board

Old fuse boxes, with push-and-pull style fuses, may work perfectly well. However, the advances in our trade have moved far beyond what these old systems have to offer. New boards can offer higher levels of protection for your devices, increased fire safety, and reduced risk of electrical shock. A new fuse board also makes for a far safer and more convenient way to perform diagnostics and maintenance. These benefits are a no-brainer for commercial premises. In the home, they will keep your property up to date and could increase its value.

Safety & Efficiency

The biggest benefits to any progression in electrics are usually safety and efficiency. Safety is something that is of large importance in this trade. Electricity is a powerful force that requires skilled individuals to work with it. With a new fuse board in place, our work is even more beneficial, as the components within, specifically the RCDs, promote safety far beyond general device and fire protection. You can even monitor your electrical use with our smart consumer units.

Surge Protection & Arc Faults

If you are noticing regular tripping, then give us a call. This will indicate an appliance or system has a defect. Our team can assess the situation, and provide a repair to help maintain safety to your property. 

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